Sketch Design

  • Initial Sketch Budgets
  • Design Cost Advice including alternative designs
  • Cost plans and cost checks
  • Life Cycle Costing

Pre-Contract Tender

  • Bills of Quantities
  • Preparation of TenderDocumentation
  • Contract and Insurance Advice
  • Report on Tenders
  • Bills of Reductions/Value Engineering
  • Cash Flow Forecast


  • Site Meetings
  • Check valuations on Site
  • Agree Variations and monthly valuations
  • Cost Reports on final accounts
  • Review Cash Flow forecasts

Post Contract

  • Agree Final Account and Report
  • Attend Snag/Defects meetings and advice
  • Partial Retention Release
  • Schedule of Dilapidation

Additional Consultancy Services

  • Contaminated Ground Removal Costings
  • Project Management/Project Co-ordination
  • Insurance Reinstatement Valuation
  • Insurance Loss Assessment
  • Receivership and Liquidation Advice
  • Taxation and Capital Allowances
  • Completion on Cost Advice/Business Plans for Receivers/Banks or Private Companies
  • Bank Overseeing/Monitoring Work for all major Irish Banks including AIB, Bank of Ireland, ¬†Ulster Bank and KBC.
  • Estimate Recovery Module (ERM)
  • Receiver/ Bank project completion advise
  • Value Engineering / Life Cycle Costing
  • Legal Advice concerning construction matters
  • Dispute Resolution/Conciliation/Mediation
  • Arbitration and Litigation Advice
  • Expert Witness


Additional Services